Alpaca Collection

Soft, luxurious and durable, our 100% alpaca coats will keep you warm all year round and create a lasting, graceful impression.

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Wool Blend Collection

Fine, silky and soft wool and angora coat will delight you the moment you slip in it and give a stylish lift to your everyday casual-formal look.

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Why choose alpaca?

Alpaca is a warm and luxurious fabric that combines the therapeutic and natural heat benefits of camel wool and the lightweight and softness of llama fibers. Clothing made from alpaca wool is incredibly insulating, elastic, breathable, and equally comfortable in both the warm and cold.

Compared to regular sheep's wool, alpaca fibers are three times stronger and seven times warmer. Added to this, the wool is very lightweight, smooth, and very soft. It does not stretch or crumple, is water resistant, and long lasting, making alpaca clothing a fabulous investment.

Alpaca is lanolin-free, making it a better alternative to regular sheep's wool for those who suffer from allergies or skin irritation. In some cases, people who are allergic to lanolin can experience congestion on exposure to wool fibers. If you find traditional wool fibers hard to endure, you will find alpaca garments much more suitable.



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Paletot Outerwear Collections offers a variety of premium quality coats made mainly from natural fibres at affordable prices for professionals. Our portfolio of coats offers fashionable outerwear made from luxurious Italian fabrics, such as alpaca, angora, wool, etc. With a beautiful cut, our coats are designed to emphasize the natural female form to create an iconic or alluring image, and give a sense of harmony and irresistibility.

Our store is located at 8318 Pineville-Matthews Rd., Suite 712, Charlotte, NC 28226. We are located inside the McMullin Creek Market at the cross streets of Johnston and Pineville-Matthews Rd.

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